Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's Up, Buttercup? (this one is for the Grandma's...)

I thought I would get out of bed and down off my soapbox long enough to show you what Sis has been up to. After all, this blog did start out as more of a brag book about my brilliant children for my far away siblings and family members than a post-shattered-marriage-rant-and-rave. Here is little Sis, demonstrating all her recent tricks...

Push-ups! This is how J can be sure she is his.

Look mom! No hands (starting to outgrow the swing. What will I do!?...)

Successfully grabbing and chewing on everything around her that she can reach

Mugging every time the camera gets pointed in her direction (this face of hers was seriously not prompted by me. She just knows what to do now. Maybe she will be a model and take care of me in my old age.)

Disproving my theory that she is too little to bug the christmas tree. She just rolls straight over and starts grabbing.

Dropping in her traces when the nap mood strikes.

Picking favorite toys to chew on (this is Abomination from The Incredible Hulk). She gravitates toward it whenever she sees it and it is a huge indication of the love Bubba has for her that he lets her have it whenever she wants. We need a few more girl toys around here. (Pay no attention to the drool hanging off her chin. IRL she is totally cute :-)
The End.

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