Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Love...

My kids are awesome. Who wouldn't love these smart, funny, caring, silly kids? I had another "I love being a mom" moment today except this time it was via Junior. Since he learned to write, I have been getting lots of notes. Sometimes they involve calling his brother names, sometimes he slips them to me as I am talking on the phone or to company, such as this one (it says, "can I tell you a secret?")
More often than not though, they are love notes, such as this one that was folded up into a paper airplane and thrown at my head:

So today, when he passed me a sealed envelope with the words "crismis luv to mom frum Junior" (I left the original at my sister's house...) and told me it was a Christmas present, but I could open it today, I expected whatever was inside to be some kind of sweet nothing. I tore the envelope open and shook out the 2" x 2" paper that was inside. On it was lovingly inscribed the word:


I hope you laughed as hard as I did (come on, you at least smiled, right?)

Little boys are awesome...


  1. The Greatest Love Of All.


  2. Hahahaha. Zehn got a mad libs game for christmas (remember those???) Every other word he wants to use regardless of noun, verb, adverb, etc is..... you guessed it..... Poop.

    Gotta love em.

    Hope you had a sweet christmas cyn. Love you.