Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What can I say?

I had a moment tonight that reminded me of how much I love being a mom. Especially being a mom to mischevious little thinkers. Out of both my boys, Bubba is going to be the wild card and I often wonder what he has in store for me in the future. On the one hand, he is my sweetie. Long after the age Junior stopped wanting affection from his mama, Bubba remains my cuddler. He gives me hugs ungrudgingly and enthusiastically and is very hands on with his sister, giving her kisses and doing dances to make her laugh. To Junior, he often puts his arm around him and says "You are my best friend..."

On the other hand, he is far more of a stinker than Junior ever was. He is into more, he is more stubborn, he is more messy with pretty much everything and is more of a daredevil than Junior. He often comes up with excuses for things he has done wrong, from the simple "I didn't did that..." (even when we all sat and watched him do "it") to more elaborate excuses including blaming the cat, Jesus and sometimes Sis. Tonight was my favorite though. I was in the living room changing Sis for bed when he wandered in...

Bubba: (innocently) "What was that noise?"
Me: (distracted) "What noise?"
Bubba: (still innocent) "The noise that sounded like water, or like 'swimmy' and 'bubbles' fish food got spilled? hmmm..."
Me: (still distracted) What? I don't know..."

After I put them to bed, I went into the kitchen to find that the fish food had indeed been spilled. I wonder who might have done it?


  1. Look at that face! Isn't he clever :)

  2. I don't know, I didn't hear a thing hmmm

  3. I LOVE that face that Thomas makes and thrilled that you get it on camera...not sure if I have seen it in person-not to me anyways, I am still working on it!