Monday, December 28, 2009

In the weeks before Christmas...

We decorated the "kid tree"

went shopping for the real tree

decorated Christmas cookies with friends

made Gingerbread Houses with Grandma and Grandpa

rocked our first ever Christmas church dress

got a visit at home from Santa (Junior whispered in my ear "I think it's just Grandpa." Bubba was convinced!)

Met our newest cousin Amelia (from across the pond)

who was a big fan of Sis's hair

and put up with all of us strangers loving on her

Bubba wasn't so sure about me doing that though

Junior and Sis met Santa at the mall (doesn't he just look so jolly!?)

while Bubba watched from a safe distance

we finished off the afternoon with cookies at the food court



  1. Loved the pix! Next best to being there!

  2. How fun! Your kids are so cute and you look amazing!

  3. I was referred to your blog by a friend and I want you to know that I just went through the EXACT same thing. If you would like to chat my email is

    Just remember our trials will exalt us! Be strong!