Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Favorite Things: Scentsy

I have read a few articles lately on the close associations between smell, memory and mood. I'm not a big perfume wearer, but I like for my house to smell good. This is why I am so very fond of my scentsy warmer. I received it as a gift from my in-laws a few years ago and although it has been dropped, tipped and had little fingers dipped into the wax, it has served me well. I have a stash of smells that I either simply love or they remind me of something (i.e. I have one that smells just like my first trip to Mexico and one that smells like the honeysuckle bushes from one of our homes in Tennessee.) Some of them smell like I just cleaned my house or washed my laundry or baked cupcakes. Some of them take me right to Halloween or Christmas or Spring or Summer at the pool. Whatever scent I choose, it instantly does something for my mood level (and satisfies some of my control issues :-)

I do have a few ideas that I wish Scentsy (or the knock off brands) would cooperate with me on:

*Ikea (plywood and cinnamon rolls)
*Jasmine Rice (so I can pretend I am in a Thai Restaurant)
*That One Spring Morning in Ireland When We Had to Leave Early And Walk To The Train Station (self explanatory)
*That Smell In The Air Right Before It Snows (ditto)
*My First Truck (unexplainable :-)
*Just Washed New Baby (because I miss it)
*Disneyland (vanilla and cinnamon churros)
*My Favorite Teenage Job (movie theater. It smelled like popcorn and Windex)
*Elementary School (crayons and unjaded enthusiasm. I have noticed that most Elementary School hallways smell the same.)

Right now, my house smells like Maple Butter in honor of the remaining cool weather although Junior requested that we switch it to coconut tomorrow. I think he thinks it might bring the sun.

**For the record, no I do not sell Scentsy :-) I just really like it.