Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Morning

Bubba woke up with the most awesome bed head I have ever seen. Happy Easter to me!

Sis couldn't quite understand the egg hunting thing. Her brothers would try to help her out and would put eggs in her basket for her, but it only made her angry that they were messing with her basket and she pitched them back out.

Junior was, is and hopefully always will be Junior forever and ever, amen.

Bubba was just happy with the gum. He willingly gave away his chocolate to me and Sis.

Sis found a quiet spot away from the confusing egg hunting mayhem to eat her jelly beans in peace.

...until she discovered the easter grass in her basket. Then the smile finally came out (she isn't much of a morning person and she gets it from her Mama.)

I made and tried to get the kids to eat this yummy french toast casserole for breakfast but they turned it down in favor of sugar coated marshmallows. More for me (and the neighbors I brought the rest of the pan to.)