Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Favorite Things: Pink

Maybe this is cheating because it isn't one specific thing, but for today I am picking the color pink. All pinks are nice, but it is particularly the pale, bubblegum, super girly pink that makes me smile. It's feminine and lovely and unfortunately not a hugely popular color if you are over the age of 5.

To this end, it is really helpful to have a girl to dress and decorate for because there weren't a lot of occasions to use my favorite hue. After Sis was born, she went through several weeks of pink outfits until one day she graduated to a coral orange dress and I took a picture to commemorate it. It was very cute but I still preferred the pink. We have branched out these days and she wears many colors, but I still find myself drawn to whatever is pink on the rack (and the pink barbie section in the toy aisle.) I opened a bag of plastic easter eggs for the boys, snagged a pink one and it has been sitting by my computer for a few days now just because the color is so darn perfect and I like looking at it. I gave the other one to Sis and she keeps it with her other treasures in her little shopping cart. Smart girl.

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