Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Favorite Things: My Couch

When you have a post with ten pictures dedicated to something, you know it has to be pretty good. I have this couch that is more comfortable than your couch :-) Looks -wise, it's ok but not my favorite. We almost walked by it when we bought it but took a minute to sit down for a break from the strenuous job of couch hunting. I think we decided to get it before we even saw the price tag (which thankfully, was reasonable.) One of us stayed to guard it and beat off any other potential couch buyers while the other went to find a salesman for the easiest sale in the world. It is one of the few pieces of furniture that I didn't get rid of in the great furniture/memory/moving purge. At my old place, it was in the family room and generally covered with toys but still the most comfortable seat in the house. Here, it plays a more central role. You sit down and sink into squashy oblivion. And then if you are anything like my brother, you will ask a lot if I will leave you the couch when I die.

It was the only place besides their beds or the car that my kids would fall asleep. When I read on it at night, I fall asleep half the time and don't wake up until one of the boys come looking for me. Who needs lullabies?

Its squishiness makes cuddling far more reasonable, even with warring siblings and bouncing baby girls.

Boundaries are clearly defined so no one steals anyone else's cheetos.

You will get sucked in like quicksand if you aren't careful. But, you'll die comfy.

When you lay down to watch a movie, the seat perfectly fits two adults, or one adult and two children (three if Sis happens to be sitting like a cherry on top.) If you lay down on this couch, you WILL have Sis climb up and cuddle with you (as Britny's husband Jared found out one evening.) This is how we watch Barney every morning. Getting the snuggles from the girl is worth having to watch shows I can barely stand.

There is room for all...

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