Tuesday, July 20, 2010

summer catch-up #2

Bubba Turns 4!!

Bubba chose Classic skating as his birthday venue again this year and wanted Iron Man as the theme. He is so much less complicated than his brother, who has been asking for a 'plunger birthday with a plunger cake' for 2 months now. I am really hoping he is onto something else by February (because, gross!!)

Because Bubba's actual birthday fell on one of J's visitation days, we had the party a day early, but got to have cousins Lauren and Abby over for a sleep over. They decorated the house for Bubba to wake up to and I made everyone blue pancakes with white chocolate chips for breakfast. No one ate them. I guess colored food is only a novelty on St. Patrick's Day.

When the boys got back from their day with J, Lauren had decorated cupcakes and made a treasure hunt for Bubba to find his presents. I don't think any 4 year old has ever spent two full days partying so hard before.