Tuesday, July 20, 2010

summer catch-up #1

I happened to glance at the calendar today to note the date (welcome to the world baby Eli and Baby-girl-whose-name-I-haven't-heard-yet Thornal!)Despite being a reasonably organized adult, it hit me that July is almost over which means that a) I am moving in ten days and have yet to really do much about packing my house (denial, I think...) and b) I have a folder full of summer activity pictures that I have yet to post. In the interest of keeping this blog chronological (and you far away friends and family) I am going to do a catch-up series. Enjoy (or don't, it's up to you!)

Toy Story 3 at the Drive-In

Glow sticks kept everyone busy until the show started

Sis misplaced her glow stick (can you find it?)

Britny and Jared

Chilly night!

The Drive-In was something that J and I used to attempt with the kids when there was a movie we wanted to see and couldn't afford a babysitter. The idea was that the kids would watch a movie on the DVD player and fall asleep in the backseat. We were always more optimistic than we had cause to be because it never did work out that way. Now that the boys are getting to an age where they can appreciate movies, I can see the Drive-In being more reasonable, although Sis might take some time. I spent the last 1/4 of the movie in the back seat entertaining her, only to have her zonk off right about the time the credits rolled. Maybe someone can fill me in on the ending?