Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's just so heartwarming to know it is all worth it...

Today Britny watched my crew while I attended my weekly tear-soaked therapy session. I came out to find the following text from her:

"Our boys have spent the last hour building a trap so that their moms will trip and land on their faces in the closet and then they will lock us you feel the love?"

I laughed out loud and then reflected on all the late nights, the negotiating, the wrestling them to bed, the puke and the crap (both literal and not) and the blood, sweat and tears of motherhood. All of this to raise children who are harboring a secret desire to trip me onto my face and then lock me in a closet :-) The joke is really on them though, because WHO would pour them bowls of cereal in the morning? They both adamantly insist that they "c-c-c-cant!!!" Also, they have no idea how much I would loooove some enforced quiet time even if it involves being locked in a closet. I would take a nap, and I wouldn't have to feel guilty about it.

The whole plan is fairly ironic coming from children who spend the entire summer on top of us begging for something fun to do. My ideas go into the closet with me and I am not handing them over without demanding my freedom (after my nap) and full immunity (until I am really tired again.) Although, once you think about it, it kind of sounds like everyone ultimately wins in this scenario. I might actually be ok with this as long as they leave me a pillow.

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