Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to the Adventures of Log and The Rock

Junior has been an artist since he could grip a crayon. I have a huge folder full of his many creations and if you saw it, you would assume that I have kept everything he has ever done. However, you should see the piles that I don't keep. At one point, the boy went through a ream of paper a week. If he is mad at you, you will get a personalized drawing of yourself with a big X across your face. That's when you sleep with one eye open!

Lately, his art has taken on a cartoon-style theme with adventures featuring 'Log and The Rock.' You would never know that two boring, (usually) inanimate objects could lead such a life of peril. They started out mostly being chased by bears (I have several more versions of the above picture).

Sometimes they take to the high seas. As you can see, Log is at a disadvantage and knows it since the pirate he is facing has a gun and he only has a sword. Rock has lost both sword and pirate hat as he is being grabbed off frame by a large octopus. Poor Log...poor Rock!
In honor of Valentine's Day, Log and The Rock had to escape a very angry 'heart guy' over the edge of a waterfall.

Sometimes Log and The Rock are joined by their friends Cracker and Tomato. Rock somehow drew the short straw in this scenario.
Here we have Log, The Rock, Tomato and Cracker on a voyage to the moon. Log is saying "Give me a cheesecake!" No, I don't know why. Neither did Junior when I asked.

Poor Log and The Rock in danger again, hanging off the edge of a cliff while a hungry alligator snaps below. They are joined in this particular peril by Cracker and Tomato (who has been squished. We haven't seen him since...) and some new friends, Snowball and Icicle. The people above are very concerned if not at all helpful.

Log and The Rock have fooled the Easter Bunny by dressing up as a bunny and an easter egg. They have stolen the irate Easter Bunny's basket. Judging by the smiles, this is a good natured chase as opposed to the life and death flights of the earlier frames. Phew!

We leave Log and The Rock enjoying the fireman's pole at the local firestation. It's nice to know these two get some fun in in between running for their lives and hanging off the edges of cliffs.

I am hugely entertained by this kid!!


  1. Oh my gosh. That was so funny. He is such a talented kid (seriously, I see a future at Pixar or something for him) and I love your captions. I expect to see a comic book of Log and Rock on shelves soon.

  2. Cyndi-share more of these. Hugely entertaining and I was pretty amazed at how he was able to make their stick legs contort like they really would in some of those positions. What a great kid! -Aunt Joan

  3. So funny. I love that kid! He is so imaginitive! I'm with Amanda- I see a Log and Rock cartoon.

  4. I think it would be scary to find a picture of myself with an 'X' across my face.

    That Sam is so clever! He's so creative, it'll be interesting to see how he channels that as he gets older.

  5. Wow! That is impressive. It looks like he has quite the talent. My favorite was the tomato splatted below the cliff! Such an imagination!

  6. I received a personal narration of these and many more. Amazing huh? I want to see and hear more about "cracker and tomato"!

  7. Awesome. Sam's got a lot going on in that head of his. :) I can't wait to see more!

  8. I am so happy that I saw these. I would like them on a TShirt.

  9. I got a great laugh. He is so creative and imaginative! How fun! Thanks for sharing!