Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Egging

Both my boys have charmingly started referring to both coloring and hunting for eggs as "easter egging." So, for family home evening on Monday night, we "easter egged" and had a blast.

It should be noted that after several lectures and admonitions to "be careful of the dye" and "don't knock the cups over" I went and knocked the green dye all over the counter. The boys had a good time letting me have it for not being careful. I went ahead and let them have this one :-)

Bubba dyed 3/4 of his eggs pink, not because it was his favorite color, but because it was the dye cup closest to him. After awhile I figured this out and started swapping the cups so he would get some variety.

Yes, we dye eggs in our undies (the boys, that is. Sis and I remained fully clothed.) And yes, Bubba is engaging in an Easter activity wearing Halloween undies. I don't care because I am delighted that he is wearing undies at all. The boy has been potty training for well over a year. Up until this week, he kept telling me that he would potty like a big boy "next thursday."

Junior made me the blue egg on the back row in the middle. He called it a "love egg" and woke me up this morning by bringing it to me in bed. Not to eat, just to reverently hold. I love that boy.

We found Monster face stickers to put on the colored eggs. Very "Eastery", no?

We eat a lot of scrambled eggs in our house, but apparently not enough boiled ones. The boys were sorting out their eggs one last time before bed when Junior asked if he could eat one. While I was at the sink peeling it, I heard a crunch and a laugh from Junior. Bubba, also wanting to eat one, did not realize that the shell needed to be removed first and took a big bite. The best part was that he didn't seem to be enjoying the crunching, but kept on going until Junior laughed at him (and I admit it, I laughed a little too. I couldn't help it). He put it down and said "I don't like these eggs."

I bet!

He is particularly sensitive to being laughed at though (poor kid) and did not want to cooperate with taking a picture of his snack. I'm a sensitive mom and I took one anyway. Look at that face!


  1. We are totally Easter Egging nekkid this year. Brilliant.

  2. We (the kids) Easter Egg in our skivvies as well it is so effecient. Chandler as a second/middle child doesn't like to be laughed at either, it never ends well.

  3. This post was pure Cyndi!! I could hear your voice as I read it. Poor Thomas!! your kids are the best. We can't wait to see you. Bring your eggs because we have eaten all of ours!

  4. Cyndi, I love this post. It is so sweet and cute. I just wanted to let you know that I have used it on my site. As always, let me know if you want it removed for any reason. :)