Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Patrick's Day - not just a day to wear green....

Those who know me know I love my holidays and even St. Patrick's Day gets the crap celebrated out of it around here :-) Last year I made a huge deal of it for the boys and they have freakishly good memories for children who consistently can't remember where they put the coat/shoes/socks/backpack they took off only hours before. So, there was no getting out of it this year, crushing situational depression notwithstanding (I have no idea if I used that word correctly...) Of course we always start with a traditional all green Irish breakfast...

Green eggs, lime yogurt and green gatorade

Lunch was: green milk, green mac and cheese and green jello (if you have a clear cup, you can put a few drops of food coloring in the bottom without letting the kids see. When you pour the milk in, it goes in white and comes up green.) You can do the same thing with cereal, just put the food coloring under the dry cereal and then pour the milk in. It completely blew Junior's mind and I told him it was "leprechaun magic." Sometimes I'm brilliant and sometimes it's a struggle to get my shoes on the right feet. Depends on the day... :-)

Green Jello!

No actual reason for this picture. Just that her chunky little legs are cute in her leg warmers. We were keeping her green striped pants clean until dinner.

Traditionally, "Lucky" the leprechaun has left gold coins all over the house for the boys to find, but only two at a time to prolong the fun. They got a kick out of finding coins in places they had just been. Junior was a little impatient about the rate at which gold coins were arriving, so he left out a note for 'lucky' asking him to step it up a little ("Do you have more Gold?"). 'Lucky' left a note in return reminding him to be a nice boy!

Quiet Time involved building leprechaun houses with legos

Britny, Jared, Mike and kids joined us for a Green feast: Pesto chicken pasta, green salad, green apples, broccoli, green bread, green jello and green milk.

After dinner, Jared took on all seven kids at once in a marathon wrestling match

Not bad for a guy who had an emergency appendectomy two weeks ago...

Green Shamrock cake and mint brownie ice cream for dessert and it was time to put 7 kids completely hopped up on sugar to bed! Thanks again to the Bradshaws (and mike... :-) for joining us.

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2010!


  1. Wow! You are so creative! I tried to do a green dinner but unfortunately my family does not eat green! Next year I;m coming to your house!! Love ya!!

  2. It is all worth the effort. Great memories for all.

  3. Keep up those traditions! We still do the green milk, green food, etc., but this year the leprechaun didn't come and bring gold coins. Samantha, who mind you is 16, asked, "where are the gold coins the leprecuans leave?" I told her they found out she wasn't nice to her mother, and when she's nicer they will come back!! So, see, they still love the don't stop!