Monday, March 15, 2010

things that raising my children has qualified me for

With an uncertain future looming, I have had to think a lot about going back to school. I do have a Bachelor's degree, but I am finding that what i wanted to do with it doesn't fit as well with the single mom lifestyle and priorities. So, I have been exploring other options and just plan to use my Bachelor's degree as a springboard. Although I did a lot of work on the side for J's various companies, I have been out of the actual workforce for six years now. I have been assessing my skills and realized that I have gained some valuable ones in mothering these particular kids. I am going to bypass the usual given ones like Chauffeur, House Cleaner, Accountant, Cook, etc. etc. I like to think that my children's unique talents have prepped me for much more specific careers.

Mothering Junior: Art critic or Physical Science Teacher (I know more about how things work than I ever did before he got curious).

Mothering Bubba: Terrorist Negotiator (he is three and a middle child. Can I get a 'hear, hear?')

Mothering Sis: Calf Roping (she will give you about 5 seconds to change her diaper before squirming away).

Think any of these will stand up in a resume?


  1. All good skills. I think I would go with terrorist negotiator. If you can negotiate with three-year-old, you definitely have something on the rest of us. Mine refuses to listen to reason (or anything unreasonable) when he is worked up.
    I'm glad to see you back. It has been a little while since you blogged and I was starting to wonder what happened to you.

  2. I think you could qualify for an "art critic", spelling editor (Sam's work), and magician assistant (catching slippery children etc.)
    Actually, the list is endless.