Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Year Later - Still Beautiful...

A year ago today, we were sitting in Star Trek (me very uncomfortably) as we squeezed in one last movie date before we would check in at the hospital the next morning to become parents of three. So began what feels like both the longest and shortest year of my life. I can't believe my baby girl is one already! She is a joy. The boys and I call her 'sunshine' or 'sunny' because she is such a light in this home. I don't know what I would do without my girl.
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  1. What a bittersweet year. I love that little Janie girl. You are such a good mamma. I have had the pleasure to see you first hand as you have repeatedly put those kids first. I know that they don't understand the sacrifice now, but they will. The traditions and special days that you create for your littles will be what their network of memories are made of. hopefully she is as sweet for you the second year as she is this first one.

  2. she is still a beautiful girl and so sweet too. It is funny how Samuel and Thomas don't really look alike, but I can see how she looks like both of them.

  3. Happy birthday Janie! Someday we'll have a fun combined Mia/Janie birthday party.

    She really is a gorgeous little girl. And so sweet. I wish we could see her (and the rest of you) more often.

  4. Happy Birthday Janie! The pictures are so cute.

  5. A year in pictures! I Love it!! You have such a wonderful beautiful girl and you are such a wonderful mom Cyndi!!! Happy Birthday Janie!! :)

  6. such a pretty girl! My favorite is the one at the top where she is eating the dandilion, though!

  7. I was digging dandelion seeds out of her mouth for awhile. Worth it though! It's one of the very few pictures where I feel like she looks like me.

  8. She IS beautiful! You have been blessed with amazing children. I have never met them, but you can sense their strong spirits in their bright eyes. You are a wonderful mom!