Thursday, June 17, 2010


My dad has been asking for videos of the kids and although I have six months worth on my flip video camera, I just barely figured out how to get them off and onto the computer. So, I am sharing two of my favorites. Lately when I have done my running while Sis is down for a nap, the boys often join me in the basement and swing on the swing down there or play with the lego set. The last few times, Junior has started to dance to the music I have cranked up and I finally convinced him to let me film him. It is a little less enthusiastic than the moves he was busting when he thought I wasn't watching, but you get the idea. He has names for all his moves (i.e. squirmy, robot, shuffle, etc.)

The other video shows why Sis cringes a little when Bubba comes into the room (on the other hand, she automatically starts laughing when Junior does). In the future, when Bubba is complaining that Sis is bugging him, I am just going to show him this video. What goes around comes around. Junior is the one who caught this particular act on camera. My favorite part is that I didn't realize what happened and pretty much ignored it (in my defense, we were really late for T-ball...)


  1. That Samuel is smart. That is SOOOOO much better than telling on Thomas.

  2. I take it that the best tuna is the chicken of the sea! That is hiliarious! I love that you put in your post what goes around comes around. We were just talking about that. You are doing such a great job Cyndi and you look fantastic!

  3. Yikes! I can't believe Thomas did that. I literally gasped when I saw it. Naughty boy!

    However, I do think that Janie would be able to take Mia in a fight. Amelia is such a wimp compared to Janie (and maybe lives a charmed life in comparison also).

    Sam's dancing and video skills rock. He's getting so tall and lanky. Such a handsome boy.

  4. Ah, brothers. The sweaty smell of siblinghood!

    Your post made me laugh, particularly the accidental way of finding out the truth =)

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. It's a rough thing we're doing, and your encouragement is appreciated!