Thursday, February 4, 2010

For My Boy

Dear JS,

Six years ago today at 3:29 in the afternoon, you finally arrived, looking so much like your daddy that we decided to give you his name (and then just call you by your middle one :-). I still remember holding you in my arms and wondering why I spent so many months wondering what you would look like because, of course, you were you. So familiar. You were our dream come true and we couldn't keep our eyes off of you. You were 8 lbs. 12 oz. and every nurse that picked you up talked about how big you were, but you felt tiny to us. I was delighted that you got your daddy's eyes (and so sorry that you got my ears :-) Dad said you were the prettiest baby in the nursery. You made squeaky sounds with every breath that went out and we thought it was adorable (it was slightly less adorable when we had to move you to your own room three weeks later because you were so noisy in your sleep). We couldn't believe they let us take you home. You were ours, ours, ours!

I never minded getting up with you in the night. You were so good natured that it took you awhile to cry. I would hear you "talking" and get you from your crib in the dark. As we walked into the light of the front room, your eyes would be wide open and you would be trying earnestly to get both fists in your mouth at the same time with loud smacking noises. I would wrap us both in a blanket in the rocking chair and those quiet, cuddly nights are now some of my most precious early memories of you. We often wondered through your first year when parenting would start to get hard because you were so easy going.

We adored you from the start. You were such a happy boy (with the exception of 'The Great Tantrum Phase' you had at around 16 months. No one who knew you then will ever forget it :-) We all emerged though, and you were back to your sunny self. No day was complete with out one of us saying "Man, I love this kid..." or without dad remarking that you were "painfully adorable/cute."

1st Birthday - Feb 2005

Summer - 2005

You have always been so incredibly smart. From the minute you could grip a crayon, you have been "curring" (coloring) and I have folders full of your drawing and painting projects. It took you awhile to accept that baby brother was here to stay, but the minute you did, you became his best friend (and worst enemy at times). I am so proud that you are the oldest for your brother and sister to look up to. You have been very patient with us as we work on figuring out how to be parents.
Christmas - 2006

Spring - 2007

Nothing is more fun for you than getting to be silly. You always look for reasons to laugh and make others laugh. Half the time, I think you are headed for the 'stage.'
This is what you get when you mess with Dad - Summer 2007

You have such a tender heart and make a lot of sweet gestures. Since you were two, there has not been a spring/summer go by that you do not bring me flowers from the yard everyday. You are so pleased when you are praised. There is a sweet humility about you that I hope never, ever leaves you. You seem to naturally be kind and sweet, but surprise us all the time with your level of toughness in many areas.
So sad he "didn't get to fight Captain Hook" on the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland - Spring 2008


You are a curious boy. You love to ask questions and love even more to teach me about things. You have already learned that the answer to life's many questions can be found on the Internet and at least once a day we are looking up pictures of something you have questions about (honestly, what did parents of curious kids do before the internet?)

First Day of Preschool - February 2009

JS and Sis - July 2009

You have a very loyal heart. Not even your old buddy Raffi has ever been completely forgotten. You got to take birthday money to the store and bought a present for Bubba as well as yourself and you always save a part of whatever treat you get at school for your brother or your dad (not me yet, hmmm). You "save" Sis multiple times a day from going anywhere near the outlets in the living room (even though she would have no clue what to do with one if she was allowed to go anywhere near). And spend a lot of time entertaining her and trying to make her laugh. In return, she adores you. Bubba wants to do whatever you do and go where you go. You give lots of hugs and 'I love you's' and I don't think a day has gone by since you learned to write that I haven't gotten a love note of some kind.

January - 2010

Junior saved the seed from the apple he ate. He wants to plant an apple tree in the yard and use the fruit for the apple recipe based restaurant he wants to start in our kitchen. It will be called "Apple Shackel"
January - 2010

You make me proud. You make me want to be a better Mama because you deserve the best of everything. You have always been a joy and an 'old soul.' Dad and I are amazingly blessed that you are our boy and always will be. Your brother and sister are lucky to have you be part of their lives. You are kind brother and an amazing son and I am grateful/amazed every day that I get to be your mom. We love you.

Happy 6th Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Sam! What a sweet post, he is so adorable.

  2. What a nice post! He was a very cute baby and has grown into such a handsome boy. He is very lucky to have you as his mom. Keep up the good work!

  3. 6! holy moly. That seems old! Thanks for the pics! It's fun to remember "little Sam". He really is such a sweet kid!

  4. I can't believe he's 6! I very much remember his 'tantrum phase', he definitely made himself heard! But even during that time he's always been such a sweet and kind boy. I just adore him.

    It seems so long ago that I taught him about what happens to pirates when they're caught (remember)?

  5. I made the mistake of saying he was the prettiest newborn I had ever seen...and it is the truth. There are so many special memories about our Sam...especially since I was a favorite "Maama."