Friday, February 26, 2010

almost worth the trouble

What do people do with large furniture boxes when they don't have kids who want to decorate and move into them? The boys had so much fun making forts this afternoon that it almost made up for the fact that I have to figure out how to dispose of two enormous boxes.

This picture of Sis is unrelated. She didn't get to build a fort, but she did figure out the points of entry for the gate I put up and spends a lot of time hanging around them, hoping to slip past me. She is undoubtedly trying to dive head first down the stairs like the boys did when they were little. I also just think she is gorgeous and I like to show her off.

A lot!

Speaking of unrelated news, I have managed to kill off both the hermit crabs that Junior got for his birthday. They did so little, he still hasn't noticed. He has however, begun begging for a Venus Fly Trap. He draws pictures about them, asks questions, wants to look them up on the internet and requests tooth brush stories that involve them (seriously). So, knowing Junior and his level of obsession once he gets his teeth into something, I know this subject is not going anywhere soon. As much I don't really want a carnivorous plant around the house, I have a healthy respect for the inquiring mind and am considering getting him one. There is a good chance that he will lose interest after he sees that the plant doesn't lunge to grab insects out of mid-air or chomp them with its "teeth." I have little doubt that when it comes down to it, I will have no trouble killing it off like I have with the rest of my household plants. If anyone has any insight or experience with bug eating plants, speak now (please!) I suppose I could always replace the boring hermit crabs!


  1. The Venus plant isn't so bad, it is catching the flies to feed it. We tried it ONCE.
    Good luck!

  2. Would watching videos of Venus plants on youtube quench his desire to own one? (I'm sure you have already tried that...) Where do you find flies for them in the dead of winter? Do they eat crickets? Guess I will have to do some looking into these things too!

    I love the pictures of your boys and their forts. I bet that kept them entertained for a long time! And Jane is a very beautiful baby :)

  3. Good idea, Jen. I didn't think of that. I doubt it will quench him, but we might be able to hold him off. According to the site I was looking at, it said that the household varieties usually can catch their own bugs, but I may have to wait until the weather is a little warmer and bugs are out.

    Janie IS beautiful, isn't she? She is like my doll. So fun to dress...

  4. We have hermit crabs and had a venus fly trap. If you can kill a hermit crab who will eat anything I would highly recommended not getting a venus fly trap. :) They are pretty temperamental. Brian got one for Christmas and it died a couple months later. You have to have the right humidity and you cant over feed it, etc. However, it is pretty cool to watch. You can get them for $10 at Lowes. That is the price of a movie ticket these days!! Good Luck.

  5. Venus fly traps are tricky things. They like humid environments, which means mostly you have to keep them inside a mini terrarium thing, or just covered somehow, so they then can't catch bugs, making them not as cool for kids. We've killed two.