Thursday, October 8, 2009

On a lighter note...

My boys can be lured into temporary goodness by letting them play with my digital camera. Even though they have their own kid version, they still prefer mine, and all of the pictures are "hilarious, mom!" They just like to flip through them. So, to gain a little peace the other night as well as start my goal to get out from behind the camera more often (go, trauma diet, go!!) we took some silly pictures of all of us and it turns out that my arms aren't quite long enough to catch us all in the shot. These were voted by the boys as favorites:

This is when Junior was the photographer. Not too bad for a five year old. Almost centered and everything.

This was taken mere seconds before Sis got a death grip on a handful of hair and refused to let go until we agreed to put the camera away and put her to bed....

This is the look that happens when mom says it is time to stop taking pictures and get our jammies on. You can't see Junior because he was over on the stairs throwing his own personal tantrum. I declined to record that. He will probably be thankful someday (and I would also like to forget it as well).


  1. What cute pictures! 'Long suffering' is what I would describe Janie as looking. And that last picture of Thomas is awesome. Who can resist those puppy eyes?

    Amelia does the death grip on my hair as well. I now understand why the short 'mom' haircut is so popular.

  2. Glad to see smiles! Those are some mighty cute kids :)

  3. Cute kids, of course, but you are looking amazingly beautiful!!! Thanks for dinner last night-need the recipe, it was fabulous!!!

  4. I often video Hugh having a tantrum and show it to him. It immediately calms him down and he keeps asking to "watch the baby cry".

    On a separate note, you look fabulous! Small consolation, I know, but still. Woot! You look great!

  5. Suzi, you ARE supermom! That's actually a great idea. Did you catch that one Britny?

  6. Cynd... your kids are cute even when they are mad. I want to eat Thomas for breakfast. With cheese.

  7. Pictures capture them perfectly. However, you need to do a followup with the sad ones too.

    Look closely at the one with T's mouth open...perfect pix of his tonsils1