Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Good Mama Chart

Today Junior came upstairs while I was getting ready and informed me that I am getting a good mama chart. I will get stickers when I do things that are good (he has a big helper chart and Bubba has a potty chart and they get to go pick something out at the dollar store when they fill it up.)

Me: What kinds of things do I need to do to get stickers?

Junior: Um, just good stuff. What are you doing now?

Me: Putting on my make-up.

Junior: Great!! You get a sticker! What color do you want?

Me: Pink

Junior: Actually, lets give you two.

Me: Great! What do I get when I fill my chart up?

Junior: You get to go pick something out at the store.

Me: Do you have money?

Junior: Um...Can I borrow your wallet for a minute?

(Good luck finding anything in there...) :-)


  1. I say give yourself 3 "good mama stickers!".

  2. I like stickers! I got a cabbage patch kids sticker from Crystal a few days ago for being so good. Usually it's Dora or a lady bug.