Friday, October 9, 2009

Just how chill is my girl?



  1. I can't believe she sleeps in that! It doesn't look very comfortable. Amelia will stay in her bumbo for about 5 minutes before arching her back and trying to throw herself out of it.

    And unfortunately(?) her sleep training has worked so well, that she won't sleep anywhere except her cot. And the occasional snooze in her push chair. It's going to make the long flight to the states really fun...

  2. That is a talented baby.. and Kate, that the difference between kid one and kid three.. they just come knowing that they HAVE to learn to sleep wherever/whenever..... When we took Lu to London when she was just a bit older than Amelia will be, we spent 11 of the 13 hours in the bathroom pouring water from cup to cup over the sink. Good times....

    I might be MORE impressed that she has a bow on each time..has she started trying to pull them off yet?

  3. These made me laugh out loud! I can't believe she fell asleep like that. Plus, how do her chubby legs FIT into the bumbo?

  4. Once again, Grandma J sleep training.