Monday, June 13, 2011

It's not a party unless I spend three days cooking...

You've been waiting for the party post right? Those of you who know how impossible it is for me to throw a party that is non-themed (and doesn't involve staying up until 2 in the morning frosting things) have been on the edge of your seats just wondering what I tortured myself with this year, right?

I do love to plan parties and usually start gathering ideas long before I need them (for instance, with all three of my kids, I had their blessing party menus laid out before I found out gender. It's just who I am :-) But there is no doubt that the parties I do can be stressful and the eve of every party has me swearing that the next one will be pizza and chips. By a few days post party, when I have caught up on sleep and the kitchen is cleared out again, I find I am telling myself that I could do gourmet pizza (with a pasta bar and several kind of breadsticks...) and I'm off again. When I was married, we often did dinner parties with our friends and I do miss it. So, the kids might get more spoiled on their birthday parties than I might otherwise have done but I am enjoying it while I can. I'm pretty sure that I am on my last year of Bubba having no opinions beyond blowing out candles and getting presents. I have something awesome planned.

Sis's birthday had a cupcake theme (loosely) this year. I like having it all come together. I love that few minutes right before guests arrive when everything is clean and set up just right (hence the constant pictures of the food) and I love sending my guests home full and with leftovers. So, as usual, we had too much food but the company was great. Britny came with an energy drink for me (I might have also taken on a lease renewal house inspection earlier in the day as well...) a back up costco cake and her family that I love. Phread supplied the grill and my Dad manned it. There were a million kids running in and out and Sis was a little shell shocked by so much attention by the end of the day. But it was fun and everyone (I hope) left full and happy.

The boys were up at the crack of dawn to give Sis her presents. She was more than happy to let them help her open them and then play with them.

Bubba was inspired to pick out nail polish for her. We have all had our nails painted repeatedly. When she runs out of people nails to color, she goes to work on her dolls.

Waiting for the food...

In this picture, you will have to just imagine the salads that were still in the refrigerator :-)

Adelle's Brats for the grown ups and hot dogs for the kids. Corn for everyone! (It's all about the food. You know that!)

The most unconventional birthday cake on the planet. This was a cupcake topiary. Birthday magic alone held those cupcakes on.

The treat table

Mini cupcake cake pops as party favors.

Because the topiary birthday cake was tipping a little by cake time, I had Sis blow out her candles on a different cake. She didn't want to have anything to do with the lit candles (good girl) and had to be coaxed to blow them out.

Sis had her BFF Gracey to show her the ropes on both opening her presents and then playing with them.

And yes, she had a matching outfit (of course.)

Thank you to everyone who made it and we missed those of you who didn't. We'll catch you at Bubba's party next month :-)


  1. "MOM. I know my birthday isn't until next year, but I neeeeeeeeeeed for you to ask Cyndi to make those Oreo truffles."

  2. Love Cyndi's parties...just wish she would accept a tiny bit of help! Thanks it was spectacular!

  3. Um, wow.

    Did I mention we didn't do ANYTHING for Buster's #1?

  4. It was perfect! Every year I'm amazed thinking there is no way you will top it the next year...and then you do!!;-)