Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another 2 year old in the house

I am over a week late writing this, but better late than never (right? right?)

You are two! My darling with the soft hair I can still remember the feel of under my cheek is no longer a baby. No longer measured in months, we have moved to years and you are far more ready for it than I am. It's hard to believe that you were barely walking this time last year. Parenting you has been a different experience than it was with your brothers. When you are home, you are all mine and I am the only one you run to and follow around. Although I miss the experience of being able to watch you with your dad, I still get joy out of seeing you laugh and run to the door when he comes to pick you up. You have always been sweet natured, but there is no doubt that you are developing opinions and finding your inner diva. You are the princess around here and you know it. I try to set rules and be firm, but you make it so much harder to stick to them when you follow up your naughtiness with a saucy little grin and giggle. More than once, I have not made it out of your sight before I have to laugh and little stinker that you are, you know you've got me. You are fearless and that makes me one part proud and one part completely terrified.

You love your babies and carry them all over the house. I see you tuck them in carefully and rub their backs and give them kisses and I hope that that is how you remember being tucked in. You don't often wake up in the night anymore, but I find myself not minding very much when you do. It is one of the only times anymore that you aren't anxious to be on the go. We sit in the rocking chair and you pat my arm and gaze at my face and for a moment, I have my baby back. My baby that gave me so much comfort when I felt broken. My baby whose existence I will always be grateful for no matter the parenting circumstances. My baby who is growing into a precious little girl, who is far more active and mischievous than her brothers ever were (which is saying a lot for anyone who has met bubba) but is still the sunshine in our home. You are the sweetheart who will run to the boys if they are crying and give them kisses or will give me hugs in passing (as long as I let you be on your way after a few seconds.) Your brothers adore you and both of them often say they feel like we have the best baby ever. I always agree. The more you talk and learn, the more I am honored to be your mom and watch you grow and figure this life out. If two years can go by this quickly, I intend to remember to appreciate watching you every day for the next 16 just as much.

12 months

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  1. It is amazing to see how much she has changed in a year seeing those pictures side by side!! I so adore that girl! Happy Birthday sweet sweet girl!

  2. I especially love the 2 years in pix. She is a special girl for all of us.