Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"White" or "Cold"

Junior always greets the arrival of snow with a snowman. Immediately upon getting home from school on Monday he requested a scarf, gloves and a hat for his creation. Given the small scraping of snow that was left in the yard, I was a little worried that the snow man of his reality would not quite reach the epic proportions of his dream snowman (although for the record, he and his dad have built some pretty awesome ones in the the past, courtesy of dad's willingness to stack large boulders of snow. I have a feeling I am not quite that willing - or able, actually). He scraped together a little snow mound and unearthed a pointy rock from his secret box that he had been saving for a special occasion as the nose. He couldn't find any rocks that were quite right for the eyes, so he improvised with string.

When he was done, it looked more like a snow penguin, which when I pointed that out delighted him and made him comment several times on his own brilliance. When I asked my brilliant boy what the snow penguins name was he paused and hesitantly said "um, white? No, no cold.." It's always hilarious to me that my boy who is so imaginative in games and so very creative on paper cannot for the life of him come up with names for his pets and creations.

I give you, Junior and "White" or "Cold" (jury is still out...)

Aren't they cute?

And this is Bubba, refusing to pose for a picture in the snow where he lasted only about 1/8 as long as it took to get him ready to go out in the first place!


  1. Sam is so adorable. I'm blown away at his artistic and creative side! And that pic of T is priceless!

  2. That is a classic T. face! Love it.

    I'm glad S. decided to tackle the project. He is so creative.
    Love those boys.

  3. I love the snow penguine! What adorable little boys you have! I can say I'm not looking forward to snow... or the mess that goes with it :)