Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good Girl!!

Sis just recently figured out that the jumperoo is for jumping and fun, not for "hanging there baby torture." The little princess has not shown any interest in putting any weight on her legs (she has been checked out and is fine - just not interested.) So when she finally began to give tentative little hops in the jumper, she got lots of enthusiastic praise from whoever was closest (Good Girl!!!). Now that she is a pro jumper, she tends to jump for awhile and then wait for encouragement which she takes as her cue to go nuts until she has to stop for more encouragement. She has been getting some serious air over the last few days!


  1. Oh...I know Amelia would love, love, love something like that. Currently her 'jumperoo' is me or Matt holding her in a standing position on our laps as she jumps.

    But they're just too big (jumperoos), there's no way we'd have the space for that. Maybe Janie will let Amelia give it ago next month when we come and visit?

    Janie is so cute. I can't get over her chubby cheeks.

  2. Hi-Freakin'-Larious!! That was so cute- I love that she stops and waits for you to say "good girl". What a doll-baby!

  3. You are definately ready for a dog! You have trained Janie, you can do a puppy now! I personally this these jumper-oos are the greatest happy baby inventions!!

  4. That is great. Our kids really are like little Pavlov's dogs. That is my favorite video ever (and HOW can Janie be that big already??? Eeek).