Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Past

Whew! We made it through Halloween, didn't we?! This is always a good time of year for Junior, in particular. The boy loves Halloween more than Christmas or his birthday and it doesn't really have anything to do with the candy. He loves the ghosts and the bats and the witches and the "scary" aspect of it. I was getting nostalgic about our past Halloween celebrations and I thought I would share my trip down memory lane by showing your our (albeit short) catalog of past costumes (although, don't look at them too closely. I made most of them and I am not a sewer by any means. I just make it up as I go. My homemade costumes last the night and that is about it :-)

2004 - there was only one thing for "the monkey man" to be that year!

2005 - Junior's bright eyes, big cheeks and poky ears made him perfect for Dopey.
2006 - Two pirates and a Parrot (yes Suzi, I stole the idea from you :-)


2007 - Winnie the Pooh and a very sad Honey Bee!

2008 - Batman and the Hulk teaming up for one night and one night only!

2009 - Ghost, Darth Vader and Mouse

Top 5 moments of Halloween 2009

1 - Sis trying solid food for the first time
2 - Junior "staging" pictures, including this one of him 'going through the wall'
3 - Junior crouching down, popping up at every door and shouting "BOO!" (Bubba would pop up and shout "Darth Vader!!")
4 - Bubba thanking people at each door by saying "Bye - I love you..."
5 - Sis cuddled up and sleeping like an angel mouse the whole time.
*Bonus: Going to Walmart earlier in the day and genuinely not being able to tell if about half of the people there were in costume or not. You think I am kidding? Check out this website:

The boys came home with so much candy, I think we will likely just hand over the next paycheck directly to the dentist to save ourselves some time.



  1. My favorite is Dopey-sooo cute!!! Thomas is the perfect parrot too! I totally thought Sam was going through the wall-amazing!!!

  2. I love Thomas too! That is so sweet and I am totally impressed with your home made costumes. It REALLY did look like Sam going through the wall.

  3. Love the pictures! We have decided that Halloween is our favorite holiday. Connor got 5 lbs. of candy in his bucket alone!

    Love, love, love your boy as a parrot! That brought back some good memories!

    Your kids are darling!

  4. I still think Dopey is my favorite. Don't diss your costume-making skills. At least you've got 'em!