Thursday, September 22, 2011

6 a.m. with Junior

Those of you on facebook with me will already be familiar with the content of this post. About 6 months ago, I started posting some of the funny conversations Junior would have with me in the wee (wee wee) hours of the morning. He is my only early riser and for awhile did not like being the only one downstairs. So, he would climb in on my side of the bed and cuddle and chatter his awesome brand of stream of consciousness. I would struggle to stay coherent and decode his thought process so I could answer intelligently. I don't know if I pulled it off. Someday he might write a post entitled "6 a.m. answers from Mom." Eventually, he figured out how to work the remote control, so he doesn't come hang out as much as he used to. I am glad I recorded some of these conversations when I did and wish I had them all.

These are my "6 a.m. conversations with Junior" status updates from Facebook dating back to February. They were too precious not to record here and too good not to share...

February 22
6 a.m. conversation with Junior
"Sooo, Mom. I have been thinking about taking us all on a cruise..."

February 23
6 a.m. conversation with Junior
"Mom, I think I am going to gather some wood and build myself a science lab in the backyard...You won't be able to come in though. You're not a scientist."

February 25
6 a.m. conversation with Junior
"Mom, I really wish that I had freckles...and braces...and glasses!"

March 8
6 a.m. conversation with Junior
"Mom, I think I am going to check myself out of school today. I have a really loose tooth on the bottom and I am really sure that I won't be able to focus." (For the record, he decided he would be able to focus after all when he remembered that it was library day...)

March 14
6 a.m. conversation with Junior
...upon finding out that he was wrong and his neighbor friend was right regarding the name of Bubba's preschool, he asked "can't we just switch Bubba to a new school so I can be right?" (yes, he was completely serious and completely ticked about being wrong.)

March 15th
6 a.m. conversation with Junior
(excitedly) "Mom!!!! Did you know that Harry Potter was a book before it was a movie?"

March 19
6 a.m. conversation with Junior
"Mom, when I am a little older, I am going to invent a microwave that has a microphone attached to it, so when you cook food and open the door, I can make you think the food is talking to you."

April 5th
6 a.m. conversation with Junior
"Mom, I feel like I am going to throw up and can I wear my swimsuit today?"

April 6
6 a.m. conversation with Junior
"I'm going to make a day and call it hamburger day. I think maybe on June 23rd. Can you go put it on the calendar in the kitchen? And also say that I invented it."

April 29
6 a.m. conversation with Junior
J: 'Mom, you know the souls in our bodies that keep us alive?"
Me: "Yes"
J: "I'm going to try to get some souls and put them into some of my toys so they can be alive."
Me: "Where will you find them and how do you put them in?"
J: "I will probably find them in a graveyard or something and then shock them in somehow."

Some boys want to be firemen when they grow up. My son wants to be a God. :-)

August 19
6 a.m. conversation with Junior
"Mom, can I go and invent a recipe in the kitchen and use the microwave to cook it?" (I stayed conscious long enough to remind him not to use anything metal.) When I got up, he had written down his recipe for me to add to my book: Peanut butter, sugar, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup and milk. Cook for 8 minutes.

August 18
10:00 a.m.:
J: "Mom!!! I was putting my pants on and I kicked myself in the eyeball."
(I snort in laughter)
J: (offended) "How is that funny??!"
Me: "How is that NOT funny?"

Bubba: What is that smell? (I burned something)
J: It’s just mom cooking, Bubba. Remember how we are used to this smell?”

September 4
6 a.m. conversation with Junior
J: (who is a little obsessed about the idea of us potty training sis) "Mom, maybe Sis could ask for one of those little toilets that play music when you go for Christmas."
Me: "I don't really like the idea of cleaning one of those out all the time, but we'll see."
J: *sigh* "well...I suppose I could just install a real little toilet for her."

September 8th
6 a.m. conversation with Junior:
J: "Mom, can you help me put this t-shirt on this pillow? I tried putting underwear on it already and it didn't fit."
Me: "whaaa?"
J: (fed up) "Oh, never mind"
Me: "K"


  1. I loved the one where he kicked his eyeball while putting on his pants! Sounds like something my boys would do.
    BTW:This is Jen Claunch...I'm a computer dork and can't figure out which identity to use...

  2. I know. He was so offended when I laughed. I just couldn't help it :-) Cyndi
    P.S. facebook is being wierd. It keeps telling me I don't have access to my own account to comment. Wierd.

  3. Worth the wait for a new blog! (Hint) He is very gifted!

  4. Whatever La Yen. I co-created three humans. I qualify. I would explain this to Junior but then he will want to know how ;-)