Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The New Nest

Doesn't the new place look like a dollhouse? Don't even get me started on the front porch. It's like a room. The boys have spent 3/4 of every day out there hanging with the neighborhood kids. We are settling in, but I am being far more lazy about getting unpacked than I was about getting packed. Apparently I need a deadline. But I am ready to not be surrounded by chaos, so I buckled down and got the garage sorted out and I will admit to wandering out there more than once, just to enjoy the neatly sorted surroundings (even the boxes of kids clothes are stacked by gender and age. Oh yeah, when I get the hankering, I am an organizational force to be reckoned with.) I would post a picture but that would probably be going too far.

Last night I spent several hours at the local laundromat, while Mak and Dave watched my boys and gamely endured what was probably hundreds of attempts on Sis's part to either poke the new baby in the eye or poke the dog in the eye. I realized that I am 32 and it is the first time I have had to do laundry in a laundromat (does that classify me as "privileged?"). Even during our first year of marriage, J would take our laundry to be washed at the gym. The huge, industrial driers that were meant for towels often stretched or melted our clothes, but hey, free laundry! Once the torso of one of J's sweaters shrunk to about 12 inches long, while the arms stretched to about 4 feet each. It was amazing. We kept it in the closet just to pull it out and laugh at it sometimes :-)

Anyway, I caved tonight and took myself to a local Clearance center and allowed a salesman named 'Fonzy' (who actually WAS kind of cool) to sell me the most basic set they had. I realized as I was driving home that it is the first new appliance I have ever gotten. I am a bargain shopper and when we needed something, we usually went second hand with the thought of someday.... Now I actually own something with a warranty. It's kind of a big day for me around here!

I love my bright blue chairs! I also like that since they are slanted, it takes Sis some extra time to escape from them. It gives me just about enough time to finish my otter pop.

Otter Pops and waiting for Dad

We had a rainy day last week and spent most of it on the amazing front porch where we stayed dry (until Sis discovered the drain by the porch) while watching the lightning.

This is what my girl does the minute she thinks you are not watching. She is fast, but I'm faster.

All's Well...


  1. It looks like a great house Cyn. I love, love that front porch. How fun that you got to watch the rain on it? I always wish for something like that when it rains here (you know, everyday). As is we have to look out the window. Not quite as fun.

  2. Girlie, your new home looks wonderful! I hope this move will bring you much peace and joy into your life! I love you so dearly. I am sad that now that you are so close, I am so far!

  3. Love that porch also. Janie probably uses it as a launching platform to escape. Perhaps you could get a retractable dog lease and sit quietly in you blue chair and let her run and then retract it. Enjoy