Monday, August 30, 2010

I promise I wont bring this up in the next Fast and Testimony Meeting

After Sis's recent tumble down the stairs, I decided to get down to business on teaching her to turn around and scoot down on her belly. I am sure her last fall down the stairs isn't behind her, but she is kind of a champ now. She has also learned how to push aside the gate leading up the stairs (I can't get it attached to the wall, so I have been propping and securing it with a chair. It worked for about three minutes and once Sis figures something out once...) Now she can escape up there anytime she wants. I actually kind of like it. When I'm getting ready for the day, she joins me in the bathroom and brushes her hair and pats her face when I put my make-up on and then gives kisses to herself in the mirror (again, mimicking me :-) As long as we keep the bathroom doors shut, she is safe roaming around up there (unless we don't remember to lean extra hard on my bathroom door to make it catch. She has already figured out that pushing really hard on it sometimes yields results. It's like having a raccoon in the house.)

I baby proof my house. I swear it! I vacuum, I get down on eye level with the floor and check corners and keep change jars and knick-knacks up high. Among my scariest experiences are the times when my kids are eating and they start to choke (and I have been to a haunted house where a crazy guy swung what felt like a real chainsaw at our legs.) Bubba needed to be rescued weekly just from his lunch and it is not something you ever get used to.

So, why, why, why does Sis keep wandering out with things in her mouth? And when I hold out my hand she always spits out a coin of some kind. She is like a mobile ATM and I have no clue where her stash is. Believe me, I've looked (because if she is finding money somewhere secret, I think I should be in on that pot of gold.) I suppose there are worse things than a child who regurgitates money. On top of that, for the last few days there has been a quarter in the bowl of all three toilets in the house. ??? The culprit could be any of my kids at this point. Or...

Am I finding money in random places because I paid my tithing this month? Makes you think doesn't it?

(You all know I am totally joking, right?)



  1. You TOTALLY should share in Sacrement meeting. It would make it more interesting for everyone- plus, what a great way to intro yourself to the new ward!

  2. Yeah we all know you didn't pay your tithing, lol jk!