Monday, April 26, 2010

Just a couple of idiots...

As I was doing yard work today, I noticed that the Bubba and Junior (who were running around with a toy sword and a plunger, respectively) were playing a game that required a lot of running, hiding and silly voices.

Me: Are you guys having fun out here?

Junior: yeah

Me: What are you playing?

Junior: We're saving the queen. We're pretending that someone took her and she is making us do things and we have to get her back

Me: (thinking this sounds nice and normal, plunger notwithstanding) Sounds fun!

Junior: (seriously) Um, and we're idiots.

Me: (confused but too seasoned in Junior's speeches to be surprised) Idiots?

Junior: Yeah, we are just a couple of idiots and we are trying to save the queen.

Me: Let me know how that goes.

Junior: Ok


  1. You MUST find out the "rest of the story!" There definitely is something there.

  2. So maybe he was thinking Knights? Too funny!