Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chillin' (literally) in Santa Cruz

After our Japanese Easter meal, we headed down to Santa Cruz where we had reservations at a beach side hotel for a few days. The weather still did not cooperate and made a huge mockery of all the shorts and t-shirts I had packed. I did feel a little better about the pouring rain when I heard about all the snow everyone was getting at home. More than one friend texted me pictures to remind me what I was missing out on! Our room had a deck and great view of the pier and we shivered and turned up the heater as we watched the really, really dedicated surfers in wet suits out riding the waves.

Gracie J came to hang out in our room for a little while. She and Sis would square off and Sis would reach out and tug her hair. Gracie would move a foot or two away and 'roar' at her in an attempt to keep her out of hair pulling distance. Sis was neither scared nor deterred.

Getting comfy after an exhausting 20 minutes jumping on the beds.

I know this picture is blurry (she was going for the camera), but when I see it, I see something of me. She so often looks like a mini J, I thought it was worth noting.

On such a rainy day, the famous Santa Cruz boardwalk was closed, so we played some indoor games.

Junior was NASCAR driving. It took both feet to work the pedal, but he actually did a really good job and stayed on the track long enough that the rest of us got bored.

Lulu - stylin' as always...

What Bubba got with his tickets. These were well worth the $10 in tokens, don't you think?

Junior's winnings. Whoopie Cushions are hilarious every time...if you are six!

Warming up with french fries and vinegar (which reminded me of Europe) and Hot Chocolate on which Lauren burned her tongue (causing much drama).

You know it is a good hotel when room service leaves out cookies and milk for you each evening.

Bubba has to sleep like this no matter what bed he is in. It's awesome when your three year old climbs in with you on a nightly basis and can make a king size bed feel small. Wierd. Fortunately Junior is a sound sleeper.


  1. That picture of Thomas sleeping is hilarious. And I have to say, I see Janie and only see you. Matt and I were just talking about how much she looks like you (and Thomas...she's a female version of him we decided).

    She is an absolutely gorgeous little girl (as are all your kids).

  2. Wow- what a fantastic hotel- bummer that it was cold. If it makes you feel better, it was cold when we visited last JULY, too! I agree with Kate- I mostly see you in Janie, but she definately has Sam and her Dad's eyes- lucky girl!

    Love that picture of Grace!

  3. Love the pix, can't wait to see more when the sun comes out!

    Janie has the most expressive expressions...she could be a still baby model. REally!