Friday, July 13, 2012

Sis turns 3!

Although I didn't forget that Sis' birthday was coming up, in the rush and stress of a new semester, it somehow slipped my mind that I had a birthday party planned that I needed to execute until about three days before (because it is physically impossible for me to NOT throw a party for a birthday). I had been planning a rainbow party for her and with a lot of help from Britny (chopping and assembling food) we turned out a pretty fun day.
 The boys woke Sis up at the crack of dawn to open her presents.
 The first thing she opened was her new Cinderella dress and shoes and then it didn't really matter what was in the other packages. The boys were happy to open her other presents for her.

The boys helped make the rainbow tie dye cupcakes.
And Junior suprised me with an addition to the party decorations: "You rock, 3 year old princess" 

 Rainbow food (and pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches)
 Rainbow Slushies
 We ate...
 We opened presents...

We blew out candles and dined on rainbow cake until we were sick.

And THAT'S how you turn three around here.

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  1. Looks like a lovely party! Yay for three-year-olds!