Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Catching Up/Treading Water/Worst Family Historian Ever...!

I don't usually get hung up on the whole 'I haven't blogged in awhile, so sorry..." thing, as long as nothing is going on (or, as is sometimes the case, if I can't think of anything nice to say about what is going on ;-) but things (nice things) have been happening over the last few months and it just turns out that I need a few more hours in the day, or days in the week to live my life AND record it.

I am in school at the moment and for right now, let's just leave it at sometimes I am kicking school's butt and sometimes it is kicking mine. Right now, I am getting a beating (which is why I am backed up to March on updating here.) Since this blog is primarily a record of our family, I don't want to have large gaps in it. Partly because I am pretty sure that the antics of my little family is what will keep me warm in my old age, because also because I am pretty sure that my kids will only remember my school years as the time when I was always swearing at the computer, feeding them cereal and mac and cheese for dinner and hustling them to bed so I could get going on homework.

I am trying to keep some amount of balance though, so while my school is a huge priority and time suck for me right now, it is not all I have been (or should be) doing. I need to remind myself of that some times.

So, my three little ducks, here is some proof that I focused on you as well as school during the last 6 months.

The leprechaun trap we set up the night before St. Patrick's Day. We did not catch Lucky the Leprechaun, but he did leave a fairly lame treasure hunt that he found on pinterest at the last minute. The treasure was chocolate gold coins and Junior was kind of disappointed. If only they were real, he could finally afford the $200 Indiana Jones Lego set he has been dreaming about for a year.

 Our original leprechaun trap (which was designed by Junior, by the way) inspired him to get a little more creative. He spent an afternoon building a far more elaborate one that I had to take pictures of in three stages. First, Lucky was supposed follow the trail of lucky charms marshmallows set out by Junior/Indiana Jones. Next he would ride the roller coaster, which presumably would make him so dizzy that he would not notice the trap at the end of it.

 If that failed, he was supposed to climb the ladder into the pool and sail the boat across, which would put him in the lego room (purpose unknown, other than he thought it looked cool).

 After the lego room, he would climb the stairs to the black and then gray platforms, where hopefully he would fall through the hole into the chamber below. If that didn't work, the shamrock at the end would attract Lucky into a cage with a gold piece in it and he would be caught.
By the end of this demonstration, I was actually kind of sorry that Lucky wasn't real after all, because Junior gets an A++ for ingenuity. For the record, Lucky did leave a pretty substantial pile of chocolate/gold at the end of the obstacle course. Bubba and Sis were thrilled (they are my kids for sure!)

Green food. This is how I do my Irish ancestors proud!

Coming up: Easter and Sis' 3rd Birthday.

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