Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Disneyland Part 2

As I looked through my pictures of this trip, I realized that I didn't get as many as I thought I would of the boys or of all three kids together. Our group dynamic has changed a lot since we first started going. On our first trip it was four adults to three kids and over the years we have lost an adult and added four more kids. For this trip, Bek and I corralled the littlest ones while the big kids all went on the bigger rides with Uncle D. When we were all together, it was a little like herding cats and we just wanted to make sure we didn't lose anyone. The camera stayed tucked away most of the time. Either way, I came away with enough reminders of what a fantastic trip it was. We are all still talking about it and it was certainly something I couldn't have managed without our own personal fairy godmother. As always, the churros were yummy, the company was amazing and the memories are treasures. The boys are already talking about 'next time.' I'll think about that when I have recovered from the drive.
That's the plan...
Sis and cousin N waiting in line at the Princess Fair. I bought Sis a set of small Princess figurines which she carried everywhere and played with when she was bored. Best. Purchase. Ever!!
Princess Ariel, Princess Lulu, Princess N and Princess Sis.
Very shy at first...
Still not too sure. I think it mostly amazed her to see the Princesses in real life size.
On a trip several years ago, Bubba was a far more nervous kid, who happened to love Captain Hook. He would make the hook sign with his finger whenever something in the Park made him nervous because it made him feel braver. He loves to hear that story and he asked me to take this picture as a re-creation of one he and junior were in before. I look at the two and can't believe how much he has grown.
We love our cousins! Disneyland wouldn't be the same without them!!
When I first found out that Sis was a girl, my first thought was that it would be so fun to take her to see the Princesses when she was old enough. And then I was nervous that she would be a tomboy and wouldn't care. No worries though. Sis and the Princesses were one of the best parts of this particular trip. I am so glad that I was able to see her light up at Disneyland at this age. Kids this age are definitely harder to chase, but they really lose the magic the older they get. Bubba spent most of this trip reminding me that the characters were all just people in costumes (*sigh).
Moments from eating the most amazing Monte Cristos, garlic fries and Cajun sauce. I have dreams about that meal...
Dancing Cousins. These two were a huge hit with each other even though N is closer to Bubba's age.
Walking little G to Snow White's wishing well while waiting for the parade to start. She was just thrilled to be out of the stroller.
Cubby and Bubba keeping an eye out for pirates.
Junior's souvenir was an Indiana Jones set. He was brave enough to go on the Indiana Jones ride three times, which was impressive since his initial reaction when I asked what he thought was that he really liked it, but he never wanted to go on it again. Uncle D talked him into it though and by the third day, it was all he wanted to do.
'Til next time...

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