Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catching up...Junior's Birthday.

Monday evening and my kids are seriously impeding my efforts to concentrate on solving linear equations with several occurrences of the variable (yeah, I don't know yet either.) So, I decided to do something a little more mindless, like catch up on some of our doings in February, while Sis sits in my lap and sings Barbie songs.

The beginning of the month was Junior's 8th birthday. He requested a rock party despite my nudges toward a Lego party, which pinterest would have totally planned for me. This boy has brought me piles and piles of rocks home from school since he was in Kindergarten. They decorate the kitchen window sill and all the shelves in his room. The most special ones he carefully places in my jewelry box and I have had to be very diligent about emptying out all of his pockets before doing laundry or else I get rocks in the dryer.

A passion for rocks is definitely his current theme and one of his most endearing hobbies, but I had no idea how to plan a party around rocks. Pinterest was annoyingly silent on the subject of rock parties (blerg). I considered taking his guests to a rock climbing wall but nixed it because of the cost and the pain of collecting liability waivers from the parents of the party guests.

So, we broke open geodes, played pin the rock on the volcano (I know...), hot rock (hot potato), painted rocks for one of our neighbors to judge and generally ran around like lunatics (unplanned but not unexpected.)

I think he had fun, and if he didn't, maybe it will inspire him to ask for a more normal theme next year :-)

The cake with very realistic looking chocolate rocks. At the end of the day, that's all the kids wanted to eat. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble if I had just put 8 candles in a large pile of candy rocks.

Bubba tucking into lunch a little early.

Playing it cool (inside, I'm sure he was thrilled ;-P

Party guests

Bubba wasn't interested in helping decorate, but really got into taking it all down. Fine by me...

Bubba's special birthday dinner request was homemade pizza. This is what homemade pizza looks like when mom accidentally leaves the broil on too long.

Fortunately, Junior is a good sport and Papa John's wasn't too busy.

We ended the day by setting up his new Lego dinosaur and then creating a Lego army before a movie night sleepover on the floor (where they were told they could stay up as late as they wanted, but only lasted until ten.)

A few days later, he got his present from me (a session at iFly - indoor skydiving over a huge fan. Now, Bubba knows what he wants for his birthday too.)