Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October (the one with all the pictures because I have been too busy/lazy to upload them until now...)

October is my favorite month because it combines my favorite season and my favorite holiday. But it is always a busy one for us. We have our yearly traditions to check off the list, but these days they have to be scheduled on one of my weekends or days with the kids which adds to the hectic pace. But, I am proud to say that we managed it all and I think the kiddos had fun (and if they didn't, then I deleted the pictures ;-)

One of our first stops is always the pumpkin patch and hayride (by our old house) followed by BBQ at a place my kids love because they are served little cups of green jello with their food. This year, along with Britny and the crew, Michelle W joined us with her two sweet girls. Thank goodness she brought a camera because mine ran out of batteries the minute we got there and we all know that if you didn't take pictures of it, it didn't happen :-)

True to tradition, Junior picked out the greenest, most misshapen, mushiest, ugliest pumpkin in the field and had to be directed toward one he could actually carve. Bubba picked the one furthest from the tractor and Sis just wanted to help carry hers.

Cornbelly's, the local pumpkin maze and play area was next on the list and honestly, I could have played there all day (and we might have if it hadn't been so cold).

Life sized lincoln logs, bouncy houses, pumpkin cannons (which scared Sis almost to death), pig races, slides, corn mazes and kettle corn.....it was our first time there, but it will make our list every year we live in this state. It was that awesome!

In between all this, Junior found the time to sacrifice the body every week at Jr. Jazz Basketball. His specialty was diving for the ball regardless of floor burns and bruised knees. There is a good chance I have him in the wrong sport :-) He has improved a lot over last year though, and likes it enough that he asked to play in the Spring as well (which is huge for him!) He got to end on a high note when he scored the last basket in the last few seconds of the last game.

Pumpkin Carving, doughnuts and hot chocolate with our favorite neighbors.

Despite the fact that Bubba doesn't have an ounce of fat on him, he remains oblivious to the cold. Despite the fact that Sis lost her pants along the way, her fat legs keep her well insulated.

Uncle Jeff, who lives in Japan, likes to send funny things to the kids like ninja shaped cookie cutters and fake mustaches, which were a huge hit! Bubba and his BFF Q took their mustache wearing very seriously.

When the Bradshaws joined us for the weekend, it turned into a 'fun mustache party' as was suggested on the packaging. Who knew? The two 60 inch diameter Mrs. Fields cookies Britny brought with her only added to the awesomeness (and hyper-activity) of the coolest kids party ever. For the record, I never look at this group of kids without wondering how in the world we have 7 kids between us and why in the name of everything holy do we ever try to take them all anywhere? One of these days we are going to be pleasantly surprised at how easy an outing is, but it hasn't happened yet. It doesn't help that I have no second pair of hands and hers has been in Alaska for work for the last five months. 2 against 7 is never great odds, but you also have to factor in our sheer awesomeness...

I haven't dressed up for Halloween in over a decade, but the boys kept asking me what I was going to be. So, I was a witch for Sis' black kitty. I hope they enjoyed it because it probably won't happen again.

Halloween Dinner (who am I kidding, no one in this house eats anything but candy on the big day.) Good mommy rules dictate that I at least offer it though.

Indiana Jones, Black Cat (who HATED her costume until I put 'make-up' on her face) and a Ninja

We did a few streets in the area until Sis got tired and I took her home, while Grandpa kept going with the boys (who wimped out long before their old grandpa did!) Sis really liked helping me pass out candy except she flat out refused to part with any of the lollipops in the bowl. Those she carefully placed in her own bag.

Learning the finer points of sorting and trading the loot from Grandpa.

Happy Halloween!

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