Thursday, March 31, 2011

Green Day!

Very few holidays go uncelebrated around here. Including (especially?) random ones like St. Patrick's Day. Every year, since Junior was old enough to care, Lucky the Leprechaun has left gold coins around the house for the kids to find and has turned all of our food green. Unfortunately, Junior is getting wise to "Lucky's" best tricks and may need to get a talk within the next year about not spoiling things for the younger kids. Breakfast was Lucky Charms because "Lucky" is not a great morning person. Although the milk did turn pour out white and come up green in the cups and in the cereal bowls (a drop of food coloring in the bottom of each. It's awesome and blew Junior's mind last year although this year he has gotten all "scientific" and figured it out. Boo!)

For lunch we had lime yogurt and green grapes and made mac and cheese that magically turned green mid-stir (again, put a drop of green food coloring under the noodles and when you stir, everything changes color.) Bubba was impressed :-)

Bubba spent the rest of the day in character, although he did defer to his green light saber in honor of the day.

Junior was relatively sure that he knew Lucky was fake but not sure enough to not write him a note (in the play kitchen) and then sit and stare at it in hopes of catching him reading it. Lucky had a hard time leaving a reply while his back was turned. Fortunately, this was not Lucky's first rodeo...

Dinner was Pesto Chicken Pasta, green grapes, avocado, green apples, broccoli, green Jello jigglers, green salad, green goddess dressing, green irish soda bread and green cake for dessert.

We were joined by Aunt Mak and Co. and fortunately, by our BFF neighbors (because we made so much that there were still leftovers even after sending everyone home with some.) Hey Mak, how come your kids are the only ones not wearing any green? Just sayin'...

Eventually, I'm sure that my kids will make me stop dying their food green, but I have that covered. I'll start making real irish food like stew and boxty and soda bread. When they get tired of that, then I will probably start pestering them for grandkids to spoil instead. Either way, hopefully I'm covered for awhile. I like to pretend that this is all about them, but I think holidays in general might be why I had kids in the first place :-)

If you think this is bad, then you should see what I have planned for April Fool's Day!


  1. You are the most magical person I know. And that dinner? Delicious.

  2. I would love to see what you have planned for April Fools Day! I better come up with something fast since today is the day :) Your St. Patrick festivities looked like a bunch of fun.