Thursday, February 24, 2011


Junior woke up on his 7th birthday to his breakfast of request; pink donuts, bacon, and pink milk. I like it when he chooses breakfast...

While Junior spent the day in school, Bubba and I blew up 40 balloons. Bubba supplied the air and I tied the knots. Then we stuck one to Sis' hair to see how long she would leave it there. After the first few minutes, she forgot it was there and spent the next three hours looking just like this. Her hair is notoriously staticky (sp? eh. don't care...) One day Junior came home from school and told me that when his teacher asked them to list things that float, his suggestion was "my sister's hair."

Around Halloween when Junior picked his difficult Rabbid costume, he also told me that he wanted a Rabbid cake for his birthday. I was really hoping he would move on, but he did not. Anyone who is curious about the toilet and rabbit and plunger and junk pile can read about it here. The misspelling of birthday refers to the "baahhh" sound which is the only sound the rabbids make. I thought I was pretty clever. So did my 7 year old :-)I'd like to thank scarcity for causing me to have to pay waaayyy too much to order and ship the Rabbid figure and Sis' dollhouse for the rest of the cake props. This was, without a doubt, the weirdest cake I ever expect to decorate in my mommy years.

Junior wanted to hold his party at 'Jump On It' which is a huge room full of trampolines. It's actually really awesome. We had friends join us there and everyone jumped until they dropped.

If I recall, both Bubba and William were tattling about something in this picture. I think I pretended I couldn't hear them.

My awesome neighbors Formerly Phread and Mr. Formerly Phread brought four of their kids to play and invariably always knew where Sis was when she had managed to escape me. Good folks! If you ever have the opportunity to live right next door to these guys I highly recommend it.

Getting Sis up the slide ladder. A major labor of love.

Charisse and Jessica brought their crews along and hung out to gossip with the mommy's (which is our idea of a party).

It's not a party without the Bradshaws. Love these guys!!

Junior was very excited this year by the idea of money. After his birthday weekend was over, he had enough to go to town on the toy section of walmart.

Happy Birthday to you...

Of course he picked the piece that had the plunger on it :-)

Sis was the only one who actually looked the way the rest of us felt.

I'd say it is nice to have it over for another year, but Bubba is already laying plans for his own party. I have about 4 months...


  1. That was such a fun party. Thanks for having us. You and your kids are the best.

  2. Are those Rabbid Jammies I see? seriously? You are amazing at finding rare items :) I saw the cake in person and thought it was pretty awesome. Especially the plunger you MacGuyvered up :)

  3. Actually they are polar bear jammies from Christmas 2009. I wish I was that good. The problem with Rabbids is that there is very little commercial stuff to go along with it besides "collectors items" which are pricey. But, he wouldn't be Junior if he wasn't unique.

  4. You do know how to throw a good home or away!