Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little Princess

Sis delights us all the time!

There is really something to being the only sister and also being the youngest. She gets away with things that her brothers would never let each other do and she has had me wrapped around her finger since minute 1. I am starting to recognize that our little sunshine is becoming aware of her Princess position in the house and is more than willing to milk it. The problem is that when she is a stinker, she does it so cheerfully and charmingly that it is hard to get very mad at her. She chatters non-words constantly (a la Boo from Monster's Inc.) and she sings and dances all the time. If there is any music at all, she holds out her hands to me and asks me to "Da" (dance). It melts me every time (and oh, she knows it...) She has recently gotten into babies and her dolls. If there is no doll handy, she has been known to carry around a lotion or shampoo bottle, tenderly cradling it against her shoulder and burping it. And if you ever need to be cheered up, come over sometime when she needs her bum changed because she has learned to run the diaper to the trash herself. The best part is that she tucks it under one arm and puts her head down and runs full tilt like a Quarterback running the ball. We're working on the victory dance for after she slams it into the trash can.

She can't resist testing out baby cousin Butter's car seat when it's empty.

Junior took this picture while she and I were playing. I loved it!

She spent a lot of time the other night playing hide and seek under the sink. This game was awesome. I got so much done :-)

She loves to help take care of Butter. I'm just glad he is far too heavy for her to carry around because nothing would make her happier.

Grandma and Grandpa K gave her a baby bed for Christmas and she has spent a lot of time putting everything she can get her hands on "to bed" (including herself). She tucks her toys in, gives them kisses and then signs 'i love you.' (yep, you got it.
Totally melts me...)

Today I came downstairs to find this. Grandpa gave the kids an Amaryllis bulb to grow and I have moved three times because stinker keeps getting into the dirt. Clearly it is not safe anywhere and clearly, she is not at all afraid of parental retribution for something she knows is a 'no-no.' I didn't know she could even get up there!


  1. While watching her the other night, she was so "girly" cute, playing with her bed, blankets and doll. She paraded around with a purse etc.
    AAHHHH. The minute the boys got home a different child rose up.She jumped in the middle of everything they were doing..pushing,taking and generally making her presence known. What fun!

  2. She's so cute! I love how she is with Butter- so sweet. But I agree with you - it's probably a good thing he so huge and too big to pick up!

    BTW- she totally has uncle DMP wrapped around her finger too, she can get away with anything with him!

  3. I cannot believe how big she is getting. There is just something about those little girls that gets me every time. However, D decided on Friday to "color" on the 47" flat screen with crayons. For the record she is still alive.