Monday, November 15, 2010

During October

We were bummed not to make it for our annual hayride/pumpkin field/bbq expedition this year, but between D-land and only having every other weekend to work with, we ran out of days. So, we visited a local place and the boys made me promise on the Great Pumpkin that we would not skip the usual shindig next year.

Grandma and Grandpa K, Aunt Mak & Co. and Uncle Brad came over to eat chicken curry, coconut rice and carve pumpkins.

The boys and I had been talking about hiking the Y for awhile now and we finally got a chance. It was not my favorite hike and it is deceptively steep. The boys were troopers and made it all the way up with a minimum of whining. The Y itself was also pretty steep and although Bubba felt confident that he was invincible, I had visions of having to watch him tumble all the way to the bottom of the mountain. It was kind of nerve wracking. We did get to see a local news helicopter really close up at eye level as it made the rounds of the valley to check traffic. And although the boys get a kick out of pointing at the Y on the mountain and knowing they were there, I don't think we will be back on that particular hike for a few years. Gorgeous view though.

We had a special Halloween dinner (mummy dogs and jello jigglers - I have stopped being optimistic about how much real food my kids will actually eat on Halloween night.)

Junior chose to be a Rabbid this year (character from his favorite video game 'Rabbids Go Home.') The game is about rabbit style creatures who travel to earth in washing machines and run around with shopping carts collecting things to make a pile that they can climb back to the moon. Not that you would ever be able to gather that from his costume. To the uninformed 99% of the population, he just looked like a rabbit with an octopus on his head :-) I think he looked awesome, although I am hoping for something a little more straightforward next year (or at least something I can buy in a store. Junior likes to pick costumes that I have to make.)

Sis was Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch that Stole Christmas (classic version, not the creepy Jim Carrey one...)

Bubba took a break from being Peter Pan to be his nemesis Captain Hook. This boy has always identified with the Disney villains more than the heroes (until his PP phase.) I guess they are more interesting?

Between a trunk or treat at Aunt Mak's ward and trick or treating with J until they dropped (literally, in Bubba's case), we are still working with full trick or treat bags. Now I am itching to get into the Christmas boxes (and for the snow, so I can stop mowing my stupid lawn :-)

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  1. What great costumes. That Junior is so funny, and Bubba's hook costume is awesome (I also think the villains are often more interesting than the heroes). Sis is the cutest Cindy Lou Hoo since her mom wanted to be her.

    Great update!